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GIS Bespoke Services

GIS provides bespoke monitoring, intelligence and advice to international companies, operating in sectors including financial services, mining, oil & gas, aviation, logistics and NGOs, among others. 

The service can be developed to the requirements of an individual client and provides an excellent complement to GIS reporting, offering subscribers with tailored analysis, advice and alerts. Typical features of GIS+ solutions include:

  • Frequency of reporting determined by the client, delivered via email and stored in private access GIS archive 
  • Ad hoc risk assessments. Detailed risk assessments for companies requiring in-depth information pre-investment or before travel 
  • 24-hour report response 
  • Activist monitoring

“We have subscribed to GIS bespoke services since 2009, receiving bespoke daily reports focused on our countries of operations and interests in sports-related security. This reporting keeps us on top of current and planned future incidents that impact the security and business continuity of our operations and staff.

The GIS team has adapted its product offering to fit our changing security needs and the analyst team has proven responsive to our enquiries throughout the commercial relationship. This responsiveness, high-quality analysis and strong understanding of our company's needs have helped in making GIS bespoke services an integral part of our organisational risk management practices and ensured we can provide a secure environment for our events.”


Technical Customisation

The services provided by the GIS site can be customised to meet the internal requirements of large organisations. Features include:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) customised realtime data feeds to internal corporate system
  • Portal link from company intranet site to GIS
  • White label option to use corporate branding on GIS and have administrative controls over user access to the site.
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