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About GIS


The Global Intelligence System (GIS) is an online knowledge portal providing geopolitical intelligence on current threats and hazards worldwide compiled by ground-based resources and risk analysts from the group’s unique global footprint.



GIS enables subscribers to monitor and understand the broad range of physical, political and commercial risks that may impact them. Our country-specific threat assessments and travel risk advisories enable clients to make timely and informed decisions to best protect their investments, assets and personnel.

Underpinning GIS is a quantitative risk rating model. Our analysts, in consultation with our in-country operations, continuously assess the countries, cities and regions of the world, assigning a numeric rating based on the threat level in that area. This rating changes as and when threat levels increase or decrease; thereby enabling clients to swiftly and accurately assess their risk exposure and respond accordingly.

GIS draws on the widest possible range of open and privileged sources. These include the global footprint of G4S operations and its affiliates and associates in over 210 countries, open sources, subscriptions and academia.

GIS is designed for those requiring easily accessible, up-to-date information and analysis on the potential risks and threats to which they are exposed. We provide:

  • Incident Updates - Subscribers can opt to receive Updates via email one to three times per day, delivered seven days per week. More than 20,000 incidents are reported annually and stored on the GIS archive.
  • Weekly Risk Analysis and Special Reports - Analysis on current events pertinent to security and business operations.
  • Security Threat Assessments - A unique and rigorous quantitative risk rating model and qualitative analysis, assessing the threat level in 220 countries and territories. The assessment is based on the following categories:
    • International Relations
    • Insurgency, Civil and Guerrilla Warfare (IGCW)
    • Terrorism
    • Civil Unrest
    • Crime
    • Kidnap-for-Ransom, Extortion and Piracy (KREP)
    • Business Risk
    • Political Risk
    • Infrastructure
    • Environment & Health
  • Threat Alerts - Instant notification of major security incidents or future threats to business operations.
  • Travel Risk Advisories - Practical advice to travellers prior to departure and while in-country.
  • Interactive Interfaces - Heat mapping enables clients to identity high incident zones over the past 1/3/6/9/12 month period.
  • Incident Dashboard - Users can graphically model the GIS incident archive to identify trends and anticipate change. Users can also compare countries and regions according to timeframe and type of threat.
  • Global Conversation - Option for users to comment on incidents and receive ground-truth intelligence from the G4S international footprint.


The Benefits

Utilising a high technology platform, the GIS platform identifies risk and provides assessments and analytics to enable users to identify trends, thereby enabling more accurate forecasting of the risk environment. GIS enables clients to:


  • Stay informed of the risk environment in which they operate or have interest
  • Better protect their assets, including personnel, properties and reputation
  • Review past trends and better predict future risks to their operations and interests
  • Be more effective in business resilience and business continuity
  • Make timely and better informed decisions in times of crisis
  • Demonstrate duty of care to employees, shareholders and stakeholders
  • Make contact via GIS to request the services of G4S and its associate operations worldwide.



  • GIS is a password-protected website containing information, intelligence and analysis on over 220 countries, territories and dependencies. GIS provides incident reports throughout the day, in addition to daily email summaries and weekly analysis.
  • Clients have the option to subscribe to only those countries that relate specifically to their geographical presence or business interests.


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