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Welcome to the Global Intelligence System (GIS), brought to you by G4S Risk Consulting. GIS is a subscription-based online knowledge portal providing geopolitical intelligence on current threats and hazards worldwide. GIS provides subscribers with ongoing updates on security incidents with analysis as well as travel risk advisories and country overviews in order to track and monitor risk through a unique, graphical and quantitative security risk rating methodology.

The ability to more efficiently and effectively monitor risk is proving to be a fundamental requirement in helping to ensure corporations are kept informed of security-related events and incidents that may impact business decisions or present a threat to their operations and personnel across the world. By being better informed, it enables corporations to respond quicker and more effectively in protecting their interests and assets in times of crisis thereby making them more resilient and by so doing provide a competitive advantage.

GIS reports, analyses and forecasts risk, utilising the unique and unparalleled global footprint of G4S' operations worldwide that extends beyond 210 countries and territories, in addition to its global network of associates and affiliates, all of which facilitate more real-time ground-based reporting.


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